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Seeing that we are not a monolith, Fly Renegade Productions is set on telling the stories we haven't heard from people of color. By using art to influence collective change and allowing societal changes to stimulate their brand of contemplative art; each piece whether a web-series, film, or stage play leans into the undiscovered and often underrepresented as its guide and audience taking us on an endless quest towards our many truths. 

“The best art is political and you ought to be able to make it unquestionably political and irrevocably beautiful at the same time.”― Toni Morrison

And here lies the reason...

She Creates...

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Farelle weaves stories together using a loom of our collective life choices. Her bio could read that she graduated from Julliard and recently received her MFA from NYU Tisch. But the truth is that she went to an all-girls school known as Mount St. Mary’s, all the way at the top of a hill in sleepy Brentwood, Ca just to be kept away from "distractions." She could say that upon graduation she currently juggles working in Production and Development with various production houses and studios while running her non profit FlyRenegadeFly; which assists young women of color in the independent development and launch of their ideas which have been deemed ‘unprofitable’ by those in positions of power. But, these things are also a truth that has yet too manifest off of her vision board. In real time, she studies acting full time and stays in a writers group/class. Farelle writes roles for herself because 1. Wes Anderson still hasn’t called her in spite of her talent and 2. she knows it’s preparing her to work alongside all the people she follows and praises on IG. Until then, she creates. Farelle will develop Fly Renegade Productions into a testament of the skill she possesses by banging out project after project. It’s also worth mentioning that she works for both of her divorced parents separate businesses, which she’s accepted is the universes promise for endless material. Farelle knows that the worth of certain accolades and accomplishments are testaments to hard work but she also knows that hard work isn’t always backed by accomplished degrees from top tier Universities and being able to say you are employed by large Emmy winning production offices. By internalizing lessons and putting feet to the pavement day after day she closes the gap between her now and her dreams.

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